The Best Projector Under 500

Testing and Analysing for 45 hours with various kind of Projectors we found The Acer H5380BD works great with our choice for its HD picture quality with bright, decent and Color accuracy It is the choice of many people.The most important factor about is the low price as compared to others projectors in the market with low resolution and poor picture quality.

The Acer H5380BD give an Extreme output of excellent picture quality with input lag having low which makes it fast as Compared to the TVs and high-resolution projectors.It is the Fantastic choice for a very reasonable price.


This projector is best for peoples who finds watching TVs regular but don’t want to spend much money to get a very High-resolution picture.This projector works perfectly as Budget home appliance.Most people consider this kind of projectors as portable for their size and shape yet though they don’t need to install any batteries.

If you owe a Projector for more than four years with non-HD resolution and poor quality picture and performance then It will be our best recommendation o buy Acer H5380BD for high performance and excellent picture quality.

The Acer H5380BD have a decent contrast ratio measuring 1920:1, which is much higher compared to other projectors in the market.

This projector has three adjustable feet, which Other projectors can not offer at the same price.The Projector also have a 3.5 audio output jack through which you can Connect speakers.The Projector capable of 3D Blu-ray
player with 3D Blu-ray.

The Acer H5380BD makes an audible noise due to the tiny fans which keep the high temperature and pressure well balanced, without affecting the main board.

The projector produces lumens brightness of 2000 and 2500.This amount of light can fill big screen with dark room With little or no light in it.It also has a zoom lens which lets you adjust the positions of the projector  closer or further from the screen.

For a Good Screen with your projector, you can have this screen for the low price, which is convenient and better as compared to others.So, It will be our best recommendation to get Acer H5380BD  projector for good contrast and high brightness ratio and low price, which is better than the others projectors in the market.