The best hoverboard in the market

Hoverboards nowadays are among the controversial gadgets And top selling item this holiday season.Though there are plenty of brands for hoverboard around us but it makes difficult to judge “which one is better ?”.
After Researching for more than 48 hours on two-wheeled self-balancing scooters we found the product from Swagway is better and much safer and the best hoverboard in the market.

Our primary vision was to find a real hoverboard for cheap Price with a good warranty and faster customer service.After testing several hours we found Swagway X1, the hoverboard selling company with live support.

A charge makes it stand out from the crowd, which not all others seller’s do.
Most of the Hoverboard comes from Factories in China but that doesn’t mean all are alike, there is quality difference between each.

There are handful companies selling best hoverboard like IO Hawk, Mono Rover, and Swagway is one of them growing fast with others companies because of it cheap rate and high quality service.

What Makes Swagway a Safe Hoverboard?

After Comparing several factors on Customer Support, Warranty Service, Hands(feet) testing, We found Swagway Hoverboard as our best recommendations.
Reviewing only the outside of hoverboard isn’t quite Sufficient for risk determination.We very carefully took a great look inside it and marked it safe for a joy ride.

We recommend so because for its excellent customer service and Customer Satisfaction giving the customer the best riding experience.

The Swagway hoverboard weighs 22 1/2 pounds each and gains The top speed of 10 mph.The faster hoverboard then any in market.We also felt comfortable riding on the swagway then others.

The swagway are Specially better the beginners who are riding hoverboards for the first time, It’s so because Swagway automatically enters less sensitive mode which is a bit easier to handle to.especially during getting off and getting on.

Many companies are trying to intimate swagway and selling with a high price in the market.

Inside of Hoverboard

Don’t Overload your Hoverboard !!

-Shortens Max range
-Reduces Batter life
-Maximum weight: 214 lbs


Battery and Charger

Battery and Charger:

The chargers come with UL(Underwriters Laboratories) Certification.There have been many reports of hoverboard combusting while charging due to lack of UL certification. A Ul Certification means that the device complies with the Certain safety guidelines and no fear of fire.The 42 V 2 A charges are Manufactured by Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co. which was registered in

The battery is lithium-ion battery pack Operating 36 V with 4.4 Ah, which works out to 158 Wh.

Swagway Hoverboard Charger Inside View

The inside view of UL certified charger of Swagway.It may be bit messy for you.Though it may look ugly but beneath it have well insulated and well-secured components that is unlikely to explode.

This Board is smart enough not to drive around without you. Each foot has two infrared sensors- One at toe and the other at heel making it as the best hoverboard for sale.
Swagway x1 offers a warranty of 1 year and its customer
Satisfaction makes it a Safe Hoverboard.So it is the best hoverboard to buy without any hesitation.